CPTUI Extended

More WordPress websites install Custom Post Types UI, the free plugin from WebDevStudios, to manage their post types than any other plugin out there. We created CPTUI Extended to further enhance an already awesome tool used to create custom post types. CPTUI Extended adds new tools for managing and displaying custom post types with Custom Post Types UI. CPTUI Extended includes network wide CPT and Taxonomy creation on multisite installs when network activated. Also, an amazing shortcode builder to get custom CPTs into post content.

Shortcode Builder

CPTUI Extended Shortcode Builder is a post editor button that pops a modal for CPTUI shortcode creation. Check this blog tomorrow for a full in-depth overview of CPTUI Extended Shortcode Builder, as well as instructions on how to add shortcodes to your post content, and an example plugin to get to you started creating custom shortcodes for CPTUI Extended.

CPTUI Extended


Network Wide Post Types & Taxonomies

Network activating CPTUI Extended places a CPTUI Extended menu item in the Network admin on a Multisite install. From here, you can create post types and taxonomies, just like in a single site using Custom Post Types UI. Network created post types and taxonomies will show up on every current and new site. Network wide post types and taxonomies are managed from the network menu only.

Video Overview

Watch this video overview of CPTUI Extended Network Wide Options and Shortcode Builder:

And give it a try!

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