Make BuddyPress Profiles Better with BuddyPages

Pluginize is back to share with you another plugin to make working with BuddyPress just a little bit easier. Last week, we shared BuddyExtender, which allows users to configure internal BuddyPress settings from the dashboard without ever touching a line of code. Now, we’d like to introduce you to BuddyPages.

What does BuddyPages do?

BuddyPages is a premium plugin that allows you to add custom pages to BuddyPress groups and member profiles. This is another plugin meant for those out there who want to make the most of BuddyPress without fiddling with the code.

Group Pages

This feature is perfect for site administrators who want to prevent certain information from getting lost in the stream of your busy group’s activity. You can display a list of rules for engaging in the group, an event reminder, a relevant link, or whatever you want–and you’ll make sure that your group sees it regardless of how busy it gets.

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Member Profiles

With BuddyPages, members can now create static pages for their profile with ease. If they have something they want to attach to their profile and show off, be it a roundup of their favorite social media links, lists of their favorite bands or TV shows, a collection of quotes that they like, or, really, whatever they want!

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If you aren’t willing to relinquish this kind of control to your users, though, admins can disable this feature for members (and keep it active for admins, at the same time!).

Pluginize Products

As always, we want to make sure that we’re creating products that allow you to get the absolute most out of WordPress and BuddyPress. Trick out your BuddyPress site with BuddyExtender for free, and give it that extra oomph by purchasing BuddyPages for maximum control over your group pages and member profiles.

Try it for yourself and tell us what you think:


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