AppPresser Agency Bundle


With our Agency Bundle, you not only have access to our most popular extensions you also have the ability to create up to twenty five apps for your clients under your agency license. The Agency Bundle license is good for one year with a discounted renewal rate at 50% of the current bundle price.

If you use AppPresser to build mobile apps, why not build mobile apps for your clients and increase your revenue? Adding a mobile app to your website project scope (or after the website is completed) is an easy upsell. You can even reach out to old clients and sell them on building a mobile app.

The best part of using AppPresser to build your mobile apps is that you don’t have to hire a Java or Objective C developer, which as you already know, would increase your overhead. You can now keep app development in-house, and add another income stream to your business.

Full Support

Your agency has full access to our support forum and team for as long as you hold an active license. Think of AppPresser as a part of your team! Have the peace of mind in knowing that we are here to answer your questions and help you succeed as a mobile application provider.

Access to Upgrades & Beta Features

As an Agency license holder, you have access to all upgrades and any new beta features we release during your active license period. Be on the cutting edge and stay in the know regarding what is up and coming in the world of WordPress mobile application development.

Agencies can increase their revenue by offering mobile apps to their clients.


What comes with this Bundle

As an Agency license holder, you have access to selected AppPresser themes & extensions, including: including: AppTheme, AppCamera,AppWoo, AppPush, AppSwiper, AppGeolocation, AppBuddy, App Facebook Connect, and any upgrades to these extensions while your license is active.