This plugin will allow you to import your entire Etsy shop’s inventory into WordPress as posts in a Products custom post type. All you have to do is supply an API Key for an Etsy application and the ID of your shop and the plugin will do the rest.

The Etsy Importer will not only import your products but will also:

  • Attach all of the product’s images to the post
  • Set the main product image as the post’s featured thumbnail
  • Add and attach any category added to your product
  • Add and attach any tag added to your product
  • Add the Etsy Product Listing ID, Price, Etsy Product Link, Production Year, and Made For (men/women) meta information to the post
  • Check for new products in your Etsy shop daily and import them automatically once daily. Hands free!
  • Check for existing posts which no longer exist in your shop as active products and set them to draft post status

Not only do we import your products, but we add some shortcodes to help you integrate your products into blog posts.


Display a link to your product – either as a link to the post within your site using the post title as the link text:

[product_link id=569]

[product_link id=569 title="This is a great new product"]

Or as an external link to your Etsy product page:

[product_link id=569 title="This is a great new product" external=true]

Display your product’s post content trimmed to whatever length you wish. If no value is set for the length, the full content of the post will be displayed:

[product_content id=569 length=50]

Display your product’s images in a Thickbox gallery using WordPress’ built-in Thickbox jQuery and CSS:

[product_images id=569]