Provides an easy way to display your Themes, Plugins, Core tickets, and Codex contributions with handy widgets and template tags.

WordPress wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without all of the contributors to the project. The community is proud of each and every contributor. Display some of your contributions to the project using handy widgets or template tags in your custom theme. Currently, you can display your contributions to WordPress core, the WordPress Codex, your WordPress Plugins, or your WordPress themes.

There are four handy widgets available for you that are easily configured and added to your sidebar. You just need to add your theme or plugin slug to display a theme or plugin or enter your username to display core or codex contributions. You can also display these in a more custon fashion in your custom theme using template tags. More info on template tags is available under the FAQ.

We want to give a big thanks to the great plugin, Core Contributions Widget by Eric Mann, Michael Fields, John P. Bloch, Mike Bijon, and Konstantin Obenland. We forked part of this plugin to include Core and Codex Contributions. If you would just like widgets to display Core and Codex Contributions, we recommend downloading their plugin.