WP Search with Algolia

Do you hate your website’s search? We hear it time and time again. From enterprise-level websites to eCommerce shops, website administrators and business owners complain about their WordPress website’s search. Here’s why:

  • Slow search
  • Irrelevant search results
  • Lack of admin control over the search experience

Upgrade to WP Search with Algolia WordPress Plugin

If you’re tired of your website’s search, it’s time to rely on the power of Algolia search. Integrate this website search technology with your WordPress website by using the WP Search with Algolia plugin.

Forked, built, and supported by the WordPress website agency WebDevStudios, who literally wrote the books on WordPress plugin development, WP Search with Algolia is the website search experience you have been dreaming of.

WP Search with Algolia Features

  • Autocomplete and Instantsearch are included and enabled
  • Receive full control over the look, feel, and relevance of your users’ search experience
  • Super-fast search results with native typo-tolerance from Algolia Search
  • Impressively relevant and faceted search results
  • Language-agnostic
  • WordPress hooks and filters are available for easy customization of indexed content

This plugin requires API keys from Algolia. These API keys are free for small personal projects and non-commercial use.