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It all began with the development of our most popular WordPress plugin Custom Post Type UI, launched in February 2010. The WebDevStudios team has built a variety of plugins that are downloaded and used by millions of WordPress users since then. Discover all of them at our plugin shop Pluginize.

A Website Agency That Develops Plugins?

While WebDevStudios remains a dedicated website agency, we love plugin development. Why?

  • We find satisfaction in taking over beloved plugins that are no longer being supported, which is what we accomplished with WP Search with Algolia.
  • WebDevStudios and our team are dedicated to WordPress and open-source technology. Plugin development allows us to creatively express that passion.
  • At WebDevStudios, your success is our mission. When we develop solutions that benefit our clients and the larger WordPress community, we are honoring our commitment to our mission.

That’s where Pluginize comes in.

Pluginize: The Online Shop for WordPress Plugins Built by WebDevStudios

Most people who come to the WebDevStudios website are either there to learn from our engineers and project managers who write information pieces on our blog, or to hire us to build their next big website project.

Housing WordPress plugins built by WebDevStudios at our corporate site just didn’t make sense. Creating a separate online shop did.

The More You Know

Confused? Don’t be. Know that the team at WebDevStudios developed all the WordPress plugins found here at Pluginize.

Expect to see our product selection grow in the future. Our product team is constantly thinking of new solutions. We have new plugins in the works. Subscribe to our newsletter and check our blog regularly for updates.

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