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Writing Site Copy Sensibly With Design Usability Concepts (Part I)

My technical knowledge, relative to the amazing developers I work with, is limited. This limitation doesn’t forsake my responsibility for producing, managing, and editing our content, as well as discussing what we do. The number of times I’ve opened a Slack conversation with, “Hi, it’s Idiot Hour,” and barraged one of my coworkers with a dozen questions (that, toRead More

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Navigate The WordPress Plugin Directory Like A Pro

One of WordPress’ biggest strengths is its plugin architecture combined with open source. This allows infinite possibilities for running a WordPress site. One of the best places to source plugins is the WordPress plugin directory. The directory hosts open source free to use plugins. The feature set of the plugins found in the repo canRead More

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CPTUI Extended: Custom Easy Digital Downloads Data

The latest update to CPTUI Extended, version 1.1, has added a slew of improvements, including new and enhanced shortcode templates for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Since displaying your post types is the core feature of the plugin, we wanted to include a few templates that made it even easier. To learn how to create shortcodes andRead More