It’s been a smooth and swift four and a half months since the last major release for Custom Post Type UI. During that time, we launched Pluginize, our premium product team from WebDevStudios. With Pluginize, we released our first product, Custom Post Type UI Extended. This product was dependent on Custom Post Type UI and what became version 1.3.0.

Now, the next major release of Custom Post Type UI, version 1.4.0, has dropped! Here’s an outline what to expect with the latest version, and what new features we’ve added to CPTUI!


Continued UI Evolution

Ever since version 1.0.0 in January 2015, we have continued tinkering and fine tuning the UI. It feels like a long evolution, and continues to get closer to feeling native to the WordPress admin. Version 1.4.0 is no doubt much closer–now more than ever.

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When you are editing a post type or taxonomy, you will find three sections that each mimic metaboxes. This imitation includes the ability to toggle-collapse each section. The biggest exception is that we do not include drag and drop reordering.


Modified Slug Indicators

While it may be a minor detail, we provide an indicator if your post type or taxonomy slug has changed. You will see it to the left area of the first section. This feature will help alert you in case you are not intending to convert the post type or taxonomy. If it is your intent to rename and move the posts or terms with it, it will be safe to ignore.

No Refreshes

In version 1.0.0, our settings were saved in a way that required users to refresh the page for changes to appear. The submitted changes saved to the settings after the `init` hook. This made them unavailable for that page loading. With version 1.4.0 we have amended this, and you no longer need the extra refresh. This should help make things more streamlined, even if only by one click.


Bits, Pieces and Some Sprinkles

The remaining changes in this release are in the details. We have added an “Export” quick link tab to the CPTUI editor screens. Our admin notices are now dismissable. More illegal characters in slugs will get replaced. Labels for available fields explain the option or label better. More parameters have been included for a more complete option set. The dashicon now better matches chosen admin color schemes for your user.


We hope we are continuing to make Custom Post Type UI your go-to plugin for post type and taxonomy creation. We also hope that we are continuing to make it even better and more familiar to the rest of your WordPress website. Please let us know in the comments below where we are falling short and where we can help you out better


3 thoughts on “Custom Post Type UI 1.4.0: Features, Updates, and More

  1. Hi Guys!!
    Love your plug in for wordpress and have referred it to some of our non profit collegues. I have one problem and I have gone through the 28 pages on your support/forum and have found no answer to. Any of our post that is on Custom post type UI when clicked on the featured image is huge – like 900x900px instead of 300×300. This only happens with the images that come off of Custom post.
    Please let me know if you have any answers.

    Thanks Dan

    1. Hi Dan, sorry for the delay in response here. This sounds like it’s an issue stemming from the templates/theme for your site, more than something specific with CPTUI itself. Do you have a public link available to see this in action? I may be able to deduce some things to look at specifically with one.

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