We are pleased to announce the release of two major updates to our Pluginize products. As of today, there are now new versions available for both Custom Post Type UI and CPTUI-Extended.

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Join us in welcoming Custom Post Type UI to Greendale Community College… er, Pluginize.

First up is Custom Post Type UI with version 1.5.0. Many of the changes coming to your dashboard are in the details. There are no major UI revisions like we’ve had in the past few releases. As always, we strive to make the plugin work as best as we can for current WordPress installs. Because of that, we have moved the minimal required version to WordPress 4.6. Along with that, we have added Cyrillic to Latin conversion for post type and taxonomy slugs. This move is to help make sure your content is compatible and works the best it can.

We have always cared about code quality, and with that, we also always cared about our users’ error logs. At the same time, backwards compatibility, to certain degrees, has always taken high priority. When we released version 1.0.0 two years ago, we changed how our settings saved. With that, though, came challenges with how PHP itself handles ‘0’ and whether it gets considered empty. We had a specific case around some of the “rewrite” based settings, and we had it marked “wontfix” on GitHub. We are happy to say we made the decision to finally revisit and fix the PHP notices that it generated.

Version 1.4.0 in August had us addressing the need for an extra page refresh to see new content types once saved. Now, with version 1.5.0, we have removed this need when performing an import of settings.

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The last major change that we want to highlight is the evolution of the names we give our pages. You will notice that we no longer have an “Import/Export” area. Instead, you will see a “Tools” area. We felt that this was a more appropriate name for the various things you find there. It also opens the door to add more functionality via products like CPTUI-Extended. Speaking of…

Say hello to the latest CPTUI-Extended.

CPTUI-Extended has moved up to version 1.4.0. The changes may feel small in number, but the size of impact is what counts here. We have always strived to provide hooks in the templates used for the shortcode embeds. The intent was to make it easy for developers to customize the output to fit their needs. The biggest issue we faced was that this was not enough. The hooks alone could not accommodate all desired customization requests.

I am happy to announce CPTUI-Extended now allows you to override our shortcode templates. If you customize templates for WooCommerce or The Events Calendar, this will be familiar. Those two, among others, first look for files stored in your active theme, and load those, if any exist. If none are there, then they fall back to the template files that ship with their own code. CPTUI-Extended does that now, as well. Look for a tutorial post soon with more details on the topic to help get you started.

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Some people may want to customize the output of the shortcodes, but not in a large way. Perhaps they just want to change the colors or size of the text. Perhaps they want things spaced out some more between posts in the list. We have delivered this ability, and none of it requires knowledge about CSS.

The WordPress Customizer now has a panel for CPTUI-Extended. In that panel, we provide color, size, and margin spacing controls for the output. These will affect the specified shortcode section title, the post titles, and post contents. You will be able to see a preview of the results, just like you can with any other customizer setting.

With Custom Post Type UI, we have the ability to import settings from one install to another. With CPTUI-Extended, we provided the ability to have “network-wide” post types and taxonomies. We have now bridged these and enabled the import/export functionality at the network level.

Smaller changes include the ability to add Divi Builder support for your post types. We also fixed a conflict with Site Origin’s Page Builder and nested modal popups.

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We hope you find as much value in these latest releases of the Custom Post Type UI suite as we do. We are always looking for ways to continue being a stable solution for your existing site. We are also always looking at how we can bring extra value to make your lives easier. Let us know about any thoughts you have in the comments below.

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