Introducing InstaGo

Driving traffic to your website is good.

Driving traffic to your most important content is even better.

Because there are so many social media channels these days, you are forced to create multiple bios for all of them. And when it comes time to placing your website URL within that bio, what is it that you normally wind up doing? Link to the front page, right?

The problem with doing that is sending followers to your home page results in a higher percentage of bounces. That’s because when they click the link in your bio and visit your site, they don’t immediately see the content you just shared or mentioned, which then leads them to hit the back button or immediately browse to another site.

Rather than redirecting them to your home page, wouldn’t it be great if your social media followers were always being sent to your most important content? Yeah, we think so, too!

Hello, InstaGo!

The idea for the InstaGo plugin was born out of the frustrating fact that you can’t include hyperlinks within Instagram posts. Instead, you have to update the website link in your profile bio every single time you want to direct your followers to a specific destination on your website, or, your most important content.

So we asked the question, “Wouldn’t it be easier if you had just one URL and you could change its destination from within WordPress?” The answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

Start by updating all your social media profile links to point to your new dynamic URL. Then, as you are creating content on your site, click the “InstaGo Redirect URL” checkbox on any page or post to immediately update where your visitors will be taken when they follow your link.


With InstaGo, ensuring your visitors are finding your most important content is insta-easy. Stop spending time updating links all over the internet.

InstaGo is on sale now. Head over to the shop and pick up your copy today.

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