Pluginize Sponsors WordCamp Orange County 2016!

Hello friends! We have some exciting news: Pluginize is sponsoring its very first event, WordCamp Orange County 2016! WordCamp OC is coming up on us with a quickness, from July 9th-July 10th, and we are SO STOKED!

As we say over on the WebDevStudios blog: For those of you who are unfamiliar, WordCamps are events held all over the world where WordPress nerds unite to share their skills, insights, and learn a whole lot from a bunch of other smarties.

Our Director of Products, John Hawkins, and another awesome WebDevStudios team member, Russell Aaron, are both presenting! Catch the details of their presentations, as well as a few others that we’re looking forward to, below–and remember, if you see John, say hello and snag yourself some Pluginize SWAG!

Saturday, July 9th

9:50 AM – A Problem With WordPress Theme Demonstrations – Russell Aaron

One of the awesome parts about buying a product always includes the test drive or the free sample–and that goes for themes and plugins, too. But are theme demonstrations being completely honest when it comes to showing off the goods? In Russell’s session, he’ll be discussing the pros and cons to not having any coding standards when it comes to building themes and plugins. You’ll also take a deep dive into three WordPress Theme Demonstrations to show what they are really selling you on.

2 PM – How to Build an Autonomous Website – John Hawkins 

Prior to starting a full-time job, John had an idea for a website that would earn a little money…and require zero day-to-day interaction to run smoothly. In his presentation, John will share the requirements he wanted to meet, how he went about building the site primarily through off-the-shelf plugins, and lessons he learned along the way. If you’re interested in finding out how to build a site that consistently brings in extra cash without having to put in daily work, this presentation will give you an idea on how to get started.

2:50 PM – Curating a Pattern Library – Brianna Privett
Heroes? Pricing tables? THE GRID? Why DO all websites look like the same? Starting with a well-organized theme framework and a little Sass, this talk will cover how to identify user experience patterns and stories that guide your visitors where you want them to go, while giving you the freedom to create new designs that stand out from the sea of sameness prevalent in today’s websites. We also cover how curating your own pattern library enables you to hit the cornerstones of successful web design – Accessibility, Responsiveness, Usability, and Conversion.

3:40 PM – WP Rest API for the Modern Business – Jamal Jackson
In this presentation, Jamal will go over how the WP Rest API introduces a whole new world of possibilities for small business owners who want to keep their business thriving and introduce the new avenues for additional business.

Sunday, July 10th

10 AM – Business Track – Jeff Turner, Alex Vasquez, Chris Lema, Tami Heaton, Greg Douglas

Listen in on a conversation with folks who know WordPress and WordPress business. John said he attended this business track last year with roughly this same group, and how it was so much valuable information that it is not to be missed!

2:50 PM – Client Relationships – Alicia St. Rose

We’ve all heard something along the lines of this before from a potential client, “We want a simple website, five or six pages and three navigation tabs. A shopping cart and a contact form.”

Hmm…Okay. Yeah, sure, you can build that. Great. But are you offering solutions to this client’s colorful challenges online and offline? Probably not, which means this website is doomed to fail.

A website does not stand isolated from the many aspects integral to good business planning: marketing, company mission/message, target audience, social media, mailing list…Like a holistic practitioner takes into account all the chakras, you should be addressing all your client’s business aspects to produce an online presence that is solid and effective. Building a site does not solve your client’s challenges, which are ultimately to get more exposure, sell more products, save money, reduce wasted man hours, and an infinite variety of problems. If you concentrate on offering solutions for your clients’ challenges, then you are more likely to see a web presence with measurable success and happier, enlightened clients! In this session, Alicia will inspire you to elevate from just a website builder to the higher plane of “Solutionary!”

(Some session descriptions pulled from the WordCamp Orange County site, with some edits for clarity.)

Will we see you there? We sure hope so!

If not, you can always live vicariously by following @ocwordcamp or keeping tabs on the hashtag #WCOC16. Please make sure to grab one of our folks and say hello, and we’ll catch you in Irvine, folks!

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